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Truth is a weapon…

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The Hunter’s Lament

This debut novel in fantasy fiction thrusts you into the grubby world of bounty hunting during the aftermath of a bloody war.

Follow seasoned veteran Bitter Sweet and his ragged crew as they’re tasked with hunting down a fugitive prince on behalf of the brutal new regime.

For fans of fast-paced, gritty fantasy adventures that include moments of dark humour and touches of tenderness, The Hunter’s Lament takes you on a journey of greed and savagery, steel and magick, and lies and betrayal.

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Truth is a weapon…

Infamous bounty hunter Bitter Sweet has led his crew of like-minded miscreants for nearly thirty years. They can track and capture any man or woman in the known world…for a price. But Sweet is tired. Decades of pursuing the lowest reaches that humanity has to offer have taken their toll. The grime, the lies, the danger, the death. He’s sick of it all.

But it’s the only business he knows, and business is good in the aftermath of a long and bloody war. The unstoppable armies of the Vol Empire have conquered Pratia, obliterating all opposition and occupying the kingdom’s cities as they establish a brutal new order. The Pratian king is slain in the carnage, but his son—the Crown Prince and sole heir to the throne—has vanished.

Eager to tie up the loose ends, the new Vol rulers turn to those who know the land and its people the best. Bounty hunters.

Against his better instincts, Sweet accepts the contract and sets out in search of the fugitive Crown Prince. But his crew are not alone in the hunt. Danger rides with them every step of the way. Rival gangs, Vol soldiers, deadly trackers and dark magickers are all pursuing the heir to Pratia, too.

Soon Sweet and his crew have a choice to make, hunt or be hunted? 

Lies were tools, and Sweet was a master craftsman. But the truth? That was something else entirely.

– The Hunter’s Lament
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About the author

I have only one goal with my writing; to entertain. I want my readers to smile, grimace, cheer and bellow with every twist and turn along the way. I try to find characters who are flawed and complex, fighting with the ever-changing maelstrom of emotion and motivation that is the human condition.

In short, I have only ever set out to do one thing: to tell stories.

I live in Yorkshire with my wife, Fraz—whose constant support is the only reason I ever finish writing anything—and our twin boys, Ethan and Lachlan.